What requirements must a new technique satisfy?

The following points must be satisfied, if a switch is made from a well-established liposuction method to a new technique:

  • The liposuction must be possible with local anesthesia and without general anesthesia;
  • Optimal freedom from pain must be guaranteed;
  • The effect of the local anesthetic must be fast-acting and last long enough;
  • In order to avoid bleeding, the operation must take place under bloodless conditions;
  • During the operation the patient must be able to turn in different positions;
  • Only minimal swelling in the operation area should occur, so that the operation can be performed as precisely as possible;
  • Medication induced side effects must be minimal;
  • The anesthesia fluid must be applied in an exact location and only for as long as necessary. After the procedure, one must be able to remove it as quickly and completely as possible;
  • The operation time must be shortened as much as possible;
  • The anesthesia fluid and the suction cannulae must reach the fat tissue in a targeted manner. Other structures such as blood vessels, nerves or lymph vessels must be spared;
  • The recovery time after the procedure must be shortened;
  • The fat must be removed so that an autogenous fat transplant is possible.

In the following remarks I would like to present you with the facts that these requirements are met by water jet assisted liposuction, and how this is so.

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