What should a liposuction cost?

The cost - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

You are sure to have realized that in the field of liposuction there are huge variations in cost: offers from CHF 2000 to CHF 15000 are feasible. How do such exorbitant price differences come about?

One factor is certainly the cost structure: a personnel-intensive clinic offering a broad spectrum of services and with a well-padded advertising budget has a completely different expense infrastructure than a specialized practice focused primarily on liposuction. And a treatment with general anesthesia or involving an overnight stay in the clinic is significantly more expensive than an outpatient procedure with local anesthetic (whereby the liposuction with local anesthesia is medically preferable in any case). If liposuctions are performed only a few times per month, it will also be more expensive for these reasons—not to mention that here the old saying also holds true: practice makes perfect.

Individual service

In summary, it can be said that a treatment with local anesthesia in a busy specialized practice can generally be designated as the most cost effective option.

At what price level can you expect a “good” liposuction? One would have to say that there is not necessarily a relationship between price and quality.  A liposuction is not a standardized industrial product, but rather an individual service that depends significantly on the training and experience of the surgeon. With a car of brand A, that is twice as expensive as a car of brand B, you can assume that there is an obvious quality difference with better performance and more extras offered. A liposuction with doctor A that costs twice as much as one with doctor B, may not necessarily be better, and with bad luck, the opposite may actually be the case. This fact doesn’t make your selection any easier, but is unfortunately true.

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