Chance of success

Fat cells that have been removed do not form again, suctioned fat cells are permanently removed, so you can count on a permanent result. In the event of massive weight gain, however, the lipoedema can deteriorate again. However, if the patients remain very consistent at their weight once they have been reached, no new fat cells are formed. In addition to eliminating or significantly reducing symptoms, improving the figure after liposuction of a lipoede can also significantly increase the quality of life.

In younger women, where lipoedema is operated on at an early stage, the fatty tissue is not so congested and the skin is tight - the operation can usually restore the natural shape of the legs. The later the lipoedema is diagnosed, the longer the accumulation of tissue water could affect the skin and change it negatively, especially on the thighs and less on the calves. Nevertheless, the circumference of the legs and arms can be significantly reduced by an operation. However, the symptoms are also significantly reduced or even eliminated in later stages through the surgical decongestion, the clothing size is reduced and the lipoedema is largely stopped.

Improving of discomfort

As part of a publication in the "Journal for Aesthetic Surgery" I examined and questioned a number of our operated lipoedema patients regarding the improvement of individual complaints. The typical symptoms before and after the liposuction were determined on a scale from 1 (not present) to 10 (extremely pronounced). The graphic shows the improvement of individual complaint parameters that can be expected on average with waterjet liposuction.

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