Water-jet assisted liposuction to treat the lipedema

Lipedema- Dr. med. Daniel Münch
Fat-cells are siphoned off by means of a gentle flushing spray

Because lipoedema, especially in more severe forms, results in a disease of the lymphatic vessels, a particularly gentle liposuction procedure is required. Waterjet-assisted liposuction is more of an indirect procedure to liposuction: it's less suction and more flushing. The fat cells are flushed out of the connective tissue tissue in a way that is gentle on the tissue, which means that important structures, especially the lymphatic system, are not destroyed. This is what makes this procedure so gentle compared to other liposuction techniques. With this method, the tissue does not have to be bloated with a lot of liquid. As a result, the surgeon has a constant follow-up and can constantly assess the extent to which the fat has already been removed. As usual, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia and not under general anesthesia. An outpatient procedure under local anesthesia means protection against thrombosis and resistant hospital germs. The patient stays awake, can cooperate, turn or tense the muscles, this is an additional safety factor. A general anesthetic means additional risks, more effort and higher costs.

Principle of the water-jet assisted liposuction

Lipedema - Dr. med. Daniel Münch
Lipedema  - Dr. med. Daniel Münch
Washing out of the fat-cells
Lipedema - Dr. med. Daniel Münch
Aspiration of the fat celles and the liquid
Lipedema - Dr. med. Daniel Münch
Result after the liposuction
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