Advantages and costs

Breast reconstruction with autologous fat - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

The advantages of our method of autogenous fat transfer as opposed to silicone prostheses are based on the fact that the fat is suctioned and returned to the body within a single session. This technique allows a body contouring with complementary breast enhancement as a “new total-body look”.

The whole operation takes around 3 hours.  Thanks to the gentle handling of the fat cells, the surviving proportion of fat cells is very high at 80%. The procedure can be conducted without problems on an outpatient basis and with local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. The biggest advantage is the natural appearance and the absence of visible scars. In addition, the sensitivity on contact with the breast is completely natural and is no different from an un-operated breast—in complete contrast to silicone or saline implants, where there is immediately the feeling of a foreign object. One of the main advantages of using autogenous fat for a natural breast enlargement is that a foreign material is not necessary. Silicone or saline implants which are standard in breast enhancements indicate complication rates of up to 25%, with a second operation rate up to 100% within 10 years. Implants can cover up 15-50% of the breast tissue, so that early detection of cancer is made difficult.

Because with this technique of transplant with the body’s own fat causes no inflammatory or scarring reactions, there are also no calcifications, allergic reactions or immune rejection. This is in contrast to silicone implants, where these complications often mean a new procedure is required. 

In addition, the procedure involves less pain and the costs are lower: donor fat is usually in good supply – and free.

The costs for a bilateral breast augmentation using autogenous fat are comprised of the liposuction required for this procedure and the fat transfer. The cost of a bilateral breast augmentation is  CHF 3,000.- plus the cost of the liposuction (total cost between CHF 6,000.- and 9,000.-, incl. liposuction)). All consultations, examinations, medications, the compression body suit and bandaging material are included in these price. If a second breast-enhancing operation is desired or required, the cost of the second transplant is CHF 1,000.- (plus cost of the liposuction). (0)32 636 25 25