Who is a suitable candidate for the operation?

Breast reconstruction with autologous fat - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Essentially, there are three groups for whom this method can be used: people with fat distribution disorders are ideal (abundant fat on the thighs and buttocks, less fat on the upper body and with small chest). After all, at least 500ml of fat is required per session for a bilateral breast enhancement. Women with small breasts who desire enlargement and have an aversion to silicone implants are also eligible.

The method is also useful for correcting defects and asymmetries or in cases where silicone implants are not tolerated long-term and hence must be removed. A third use is for reconstruction following a cancer treatment.

Permanent result

The technique of autogenous fat transplantation is primarily opportune for harmonious breast enhancement.  However, this method also enables smoothing out of natural or artificial dents or grooves. Autogenous fat can be used to reshape the buttocks area or to treat facial wrinkles. Because the fat cells originate from one’s own body, they are not rejected, but rather grow permanently into the area into which they have been grafted.


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