Risks and complications

Basically, the correctly performed liposuction is a very low-risk procedure. However, even an experienced doctor cannot guarantee that his treatment is absolutely risk-free.

Potential, but extremely rare complications during the operation include an allergic reaction or bleeding. After the procedure, bruising may occur, and very seldom there may be the development of seromas (fluid buildup) which generally disappear within days to weeks. Infections or wound healing disorders are always possible following an operation, but almost never occur following a water jet assisted liposuction. Scarring in the areas of the incisions can also sometimes remain visible for a long time. In older patients and/or individuals with more flaccid connective tissue, a longer regeneration period for the skin is likely.

In the broadest sense of the term “complications”, one must include the “dissatisfied patient” that is, patients who are subjectively dissatisfied despite objectively satisfactory results. Thus, it is important that I correct unrealistic expectations or advise you against a procedure at the preliminary examination. Photographs prior to the operation are also crucial.  The before and after comparison often puts the sense of dissatisfaction into perspective—sometimes, the previous padding is forgotten (rightly so), and the new figure raises new expectations.  Additionally, one cannot completely exclude results that are aesthetically not totally satisfying, where not enough fat may have been removed (less than 3%) from one spot. In such cases, a free-of-charge follow-up treatment is possible.

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