The no obligation, free preliminary consultation

The no obligation, free preliminary consultation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 70, who are not suffering from a serious illness are eligible for liposuction surgery. I inform interested patients personally in a no obligation, free preliminary consultation about the details of the procedure and its results. Most have already visited the website, and are knowledgeable about the method. This by no means replaces the preliminary consultation, but provides important basic information about liposuction.

Requirements for a complication-free execution of a liposuction procedure with the best possible cosmetic results include a correct indication assessment and the appropriate patient selection. The patient should be informed about the principles and advantages of water jet assisted liposuction. In addition, I like to find out if the patient has realistic expectations for the outcome and is not expecting “miracles”. Very impressive results are possible with liposuction, but all within reasonable expectations in terms of opportunities and limits provided by the anatomical parameters.. Neurotic patients who are perfectionists and have large fat deposits with irregular surfaces must understand that they cannot be satisfied by any of the known surgical procedures available today. 

Patients of normal weight with defined, diet- and exercise-resistant fat deposits are certainly ideal. Of course, older, overweight, underactive people with tissue that is no longer taut are also eligible—obviously, the results that can be achieved in these cases are not the same as for normal weight and active people. Generally, people between 18 and 70 are qualified, whereby the biological age or physical condition are more critical than calendar age. (0)32 636 25 25