Advice and consultation

The no obligation, free preliminary consultation

The no obligation, free preliminary consultation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 70, who are not suffering from a serious illness are eligible for liposuction surgery. I inform interested patients personally in a no obligation, free preliminary consultation about the details of the procedure and its results. Most have already visited the website, and are knowledgeable about the method. This by no means replaces the preliminary consultation, but provides important basic information about liposuction.

Requirements for a complication-free execution of a liposuction procedure with the best possible cosmetic results include a correct indication assessment and the appropriate patient selection. The patient should be informed about the principles and advantages of water jet assisted liposuction. In addition, I like to find out if the patient has realistic expectations for the outcome and is not expecting “miracles”. Very impressive results are possible with liposuction, but all within reasonable expectations in terms of opportunities and limits provided by the anatomical parameters.. Neurotic patients who are perfectionists and have large fat deposits with irregular surfaces must understand that they cannot be satisfied by any of the known surgical procedures available today. 

Patients of normal weight with defined, diet- and exercise-resistant fat deposits are certainly ideal. Of course, older, overweight, underactive people with tissue that is no longer taut are also eligible—obviously, the results that can be achieved in these cases are not the same as for normal weight and active people. Generally, people between 18 and 70 are qualified, whereby the biological age or physical condition are more critical than calendar age.

The examination

The patient history is of interest because it contains information about previous or current illnesses, diets, weight fluctuations, operations undergone, regularly taken medications, allergies, family diseases, smoking habits as well as sports and professional activities.

The physical examination provides information about height and weight, and the extent and distribution of the fat deposits of interest.

The examination - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Further examinations cover the richness and the excess of the skin mantle and the detection of pre-existing irregularities of the skin and tissue. In areas to be operated, it is a matter of the localization and shape of the fat clusters, as well as pre-existing bumps, asymmetries and scars. If a liposculpture in the tummy is planned or there are scars in the tummy from previous operations, I arrange an ultrasound exam for unclear local results. Thus, breaks in the tummy or scar region can be excluded. If they exist, they must be operated on prior to a liposuction. Of course, all findings are documented photographically prior to an operation, so that a before and after comparison is possible.

Obvious medical exclusion criteria for a liposuction are pregnancy, distinct varicose veins in the areas targeted for liposuction, significant blood coagulation disorders, and allergies to the anesthetic solution. Occasionally, when a patient has unrealistic expectations I must advise against a liposculpture: for this reason a precise questioning of the patient concerning his or her expectations is important.

The examination - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Based on this conversation, the findings of the examination and especially based on the wishes and the personal expectations for the outcome, I can then present a personalized treatment plan. Within the framework of the contractual agreement, important points such as the informational discussion, the treatment mandate, the exact costs, possible risks and complications are recorded in writing and are signed by both the doctor and the patient prior to any surgery.

First information via e-mail and telephone

Preliminary consultation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

If the driving time to our offices is too long, you are healthy and  in a younger age group, an  exception, can be made and a preliminary consultation can be done by e-mail or phone. You can fill out the form personal information and health questions  and send it to me by email. If you describe your targeted areas, send 2-3 good quality photographs and answer the health questions, I can get a preliminary picture We could then discuss the options by phone and answer all questions. After that I can provide you with a consent declaration form with the exact cost information, and you can then call our office assistants to schedule an appointment for the operation with a preliminary discussion.

Take the time to consider

Time to consider - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

By no means do you have to make an immediate and definite decision on the procedure after your non-binding binding preliminary consultation.  Even if you had already come to the conclusion that a liposuction is probably right for you: sleep on the conversation again, talk to your close friends or relatives, read through the agreement and maybe look up important points again on the website.

Of course, if there are questions you need answered, you can always contact me by email or in the discussion forum. At the preliminary consultation it is my aim to inform you objectively about the options of a liposuction. Since we’ve got a busy schedule of operations, you don’t have to be afraid of being “talked into” a procedure. Also, I tend to dissuade you from an operation if I  feel your expectations are too high and cannot be fulfilled. (0)32 636 25 25