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25.04.2013 - Anesa

Advice on Lipo

Dear Dr. Muench,

I am 125 pounds and 5ft 5inches. I have stubborn fat that will not go away with diets and I exercise 5 times a week.

Can you tell me what is the cost for fat removal from tummy/waist/love handles, inner thighs and neck?

I also have a concern regarding the local anastesia. Will I have any pain sensation while the procedure is happening? My threshold for pain is very low and cannot bear a lot of pain.

Thanks in advance for your information!

27.04.2013 -

Advice on Lipo

Dear Mrs Anesa,

the cost to treat all the regions you mentioned are about CHF 5000.-. The operations are performed in local anastesia^, supplemented with Dormicum and nitrous oxide (luaghing gas). For more informations you can arrange an appointement without commitement and free of charge.

Kind regards

D. Münch


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