The surgical team


Since 1990

Practice in Wiedlisbach BE (CH) with an accredited OP practice as an independent surgeon 
Attending physician position at the Clinic Villa in the Park in Rothrist AG

Education / Professional career

Since 1996  Liposuction operations in the practice and in the private clinic (to date 4000 procedures)
1993-97Development of Artemedic Co., Rothrist, Instruction/Supervision/Assistance in liposuction under Prof. Fournier, Paris
1990Eröffnung chirurgische Praxis
1990FMH for Surgery
1989Section chief, Military medicine,  Federal Office of Medical Services, Bern
1988-89Surgical Dept, Aarau Hospital
1988Urology Dept, University Hospital Bern
1987Dept of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital Bern
1987Dept of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Bern
1986Dept for Thorax, Heart and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Bern
1985Rega Basis Belp
1985Dept of Visceral Surgery, University Hospital Bern
1983Anaesthesia, Langenthal Regional Hospital
1981-84Surgery, Niederbipp District Hospital
1980Study, state certified degree and doctorate at the University of Bern

My philosophy

What is important to me in my work?

I must be able to make the patient “feel good” and be certain that he/she can trust me and my team. The patient must be informed in terms of his wishes, so that he understands the treatment, the progress, the results and the treatment alternatives.

With cosmetic procedures, it is important to me  that in the initial consultation I learn why the patient wants the procedures and what results he or she expects.

With operations, it is important to me to provide individual care and the standard course of procedures in the most calm and relaxed atmosphere possible.  If questions or problems arise after the operation, I am available for the patients.

The medical staff

Fabienne Hohl, MPA
Fabienne Hohl, MPA
Ann Lauria Kurth, MPA
Ann Lauria Kurth, MPA
Marlies Pally, MPA
Marlies Pally, MPA

I have run my practice as an independent surgeon for over 20 years.  I am supported by my medical practice assistants, some of whom have been with me for years: Ms Petra Albisser, Ms Linda Christen, Ms Martha Gabriel and Ms Marlies Pally. Their aim is to provide you with information in a competent and friendly manner over the phone and to make appointments. They are also responsible for the reception desk of our offices, scheduling appointments, administration,  the instruments, preparation and assistance during procedures, changing dressings, removing sutures, blood sampling, as well as managing the material stocks. The have the important duty of caring for patients, especially in major procedures or with liposuction.

The practice of Hommie Minnema, cert. physiotherapist is located within the same facility ( (0)32 636 25 25