What is it about?

Renuvion is an innovative tissue tightening technique. A plasma jet is generated using radio frequency an helium. this plasma jet briefly heats the subcutaneous tissue to 85°C using a thin cannula. this controlled heat causes a gentle and precise tightening of the connective tissue and the skin. In addition, the regeneration of collagen is stimulated.

The skin/connective tissue tightening with Renuvion can be carried out in combination with a water jet assisted liposuction or separately. The same access is used as for liposuction, additional skin incisions are not necessary.

The Renuvion tightening operation is performed under local anesthesia, as required under additional sedation with dormicum and/or Enthonox inhalation (= "nitrous oxide"). If the treatment is carried out directly after liposuction, no new or additional local anesthesia is necessary.

Optimal temperature for thermic contraction

Radiofrequency and helium are used to generate high-energy plasma. The term "plasma" can be explained as the "4th state of aggregation" - in addition to solid, liquid and gaseous. The method has been used in laparoscopic surgery ("buttonhole surgery") for years (tissue separation, hemostasis).

Tissue tightening surgery involves the connective tissue collagen contracting as much as possible in order to achieve an optimal tightening effect. This is done by applying energy in the form of heat. The following table shows the relationship between temperature, contracture, and time: 

Temperature  Contracture        Time         

At 65°C you can only reach a contracture of only 40% after 2.5 minutes, at 70°C after only 42 seconds. The maximum contracture of 60% is achieved after 0.04 seconds at 85°C. In other words, if the tissue is treated at 85°C, you will achieve 50% more contraction in 3500 faster than if you treat with 65°C.

Why plasma-energie in combination with radiofrequency?

Renuvion combines the advantages of cold helium radiation with skin-tightening radiofrequency. This plasma jet enables a targeted and very short-term application of 85° in the tissue. The gaseous helium cools the connective tissue directly, while the plasma jet heats the collagen fibers briefly several times in a controlled manner. As a result, the collagen contracts and at the same time stimulates new collagen growth.

By means of this plasma technique, maximum tissue contraction is achieved - without damaging the surrounding tissue and especially the skin due to uncontrolled heat. Tissue tightening with laser can lead to burns of the skin, treatments only with radio frequency (e.g. BodyTite) lead to insufficient skin tightening.

Which regions can be treatet by Renuvion?

Renuvion is suitable for skin and tissue tightening of the neck, décolleté, abdomen, hips, back, arms, buttocks and legs. In the case of very pronounced excess skin, the procedure is less suitable, here surgical skin tightening is indicated.

The operation

As part of the non-binding and free initial consultation, you will be informed about the procedure, the possible results and also about the limits of the method. If the treatment is carried out together with liposuction, no further local anesthesia is necessary. If only Renuvion® surgery is planned, the skin of the region to be treated is disinfected and covered with sterile wipes on the sides. . Through a 3mm long incision, the anesthetic solution is introduced into the subcutaneous layer. As a result, the tissue is locally anesthetized, and in addition, a "tunneling" of the subcutaneous tissue takes place as a prerequisite for the subsequent tightening operation.

Using a sterile pen, the cannula guide is marked on the skin. This will ensure uniform treatment of the zone. Through approximately 3mm large skin incisions, the Renuvion® probe can be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue. When the probe is slowly withdrawn, the tissue is briefly heated by the energy of the plasma jet at the tip of the cannula and immediately cooled down to body temperature. The application takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

After the operation

When all agreed zones have been treated, the mass compression body will be put on you, after a short recovery period you can leave the practice again. As after liposuction, the anesthetic fluid leaks out of the left open skin incisions for about 24 hours.

Special follow-up treatment is not necessary. You should wear the compression body for about 3-4 weeks. The inability to work is between 1-4 days, depending on the size of the treated area. Light sports activities are possible after 2-3 weeks. You can already notice a first, firming effect after the treatment, but it takes 6 - 9 months to get the final result. The tissue needs this period of time to fully regenerate.


The Renuvion method of skin and tissue tightening is a very safe method in the hands of an experienced doctor. Serious complications are not expected. Sore muscles, swelling, hardening, easy bruising and sensory disturbances often occur, but always disappear after a few days. In very rare individual cases, the occurrence of inflammation, secondary bleeding and wound healing disorders are reported.

What are the costs?

Depending on the region and size of the zone, the costs for a tightening treatment alone are around CHF 2000. If the tightening is carried out in combination with a water-jet-assisted liposuction, the additional costs are CHF 1500.-.



Advantages of Renuvion

• Complex tightening operations under general anesthesia can be avoided

• very small, barely visible scars

• short recovery time

• long-lasting result

• Outpatient procedure

• local anesthesia (0)32 636 25 25